Lingerie Example Photos - Page 01

This is just a sample page. A lot of models have limited selections of what they can bring to a shoot and so when I was running my girl next door modelling sites, I began purchasing clothing items they could wear. This is just a selection. Oh and as I was rushing doing this, I've picked the first photo showing the outfit properly rather than good pose or facial expression. First ones are just all in a similar style, not showing too much.



These are other nightwear type of things





Also for the sites I bought these "dressing up" kind of outfits. They were especially useful for Christmas, Halloween or 4th July sets on the site. Some models like dressing up in these kinds of outfits and some don't. I never pressure models to wear anything they are uncomfortable with, so these are like everything else on here, to provide an example of what's available.  Outfits included Cheerleader, Nurse, St Trinians, Santa, Nurse again, American High School outfit (apparently - never seen one wearing this though) and Police Woman, then Supergirl and Maid.


These are just some dresses, again I have a huge selection.

Then there are more casual things and more see through based items. Again I have a huge selection.


All Photos Copyright Phil Young



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