Welcome to my web page. It's only small at the moment, but hopefully will grow as I get more time. I have two main hobbies, photograpy being the subject of this site; my other being music and film. I have a sister site over at for the work I've done on that area.

Enough waffle, here's what there is so far to look at:

Favourite new photos:







Butterflies And Bees

Charlecotte Park Page 01

Charlecotte Park Page 02

Clivedon Page 01

Flowers Page 01

Flowers Page 02

Flowers Page 03

Hidcote Manor Page 01

Iffley Lock

Mottisfont Abbey Page 01

Narnia - The C.S. Lewis Nature Reserve in Oxford

Polarized Ice Pictures Page 1

Polarized Ice Pictures Page 2

Oxford Natural History Museum Page 01

Oxford Natural History Museum Page 02

Oxford Natural History Museum Page 03

Oxford Natural History Museum Page 04

Tranquillity Page 01

Waddesdon Manor Page 01



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Isle Of Wight Zoo

London Zoo


Marwell Zoo


Things that don't really belong with the categories above, so I've separated them a little

Altering Photographs

Photographing Models Main Page

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