I've been taking photos since around 1995, before that I had a camera mainly for holiday snaps. So around 1995 I started working with singers who performed songs I co-wrote. Obviously to promote the singers, we needed a CD and therefore a CD sleeve. So the photography really started there. and for a fair few years, until around 2000, the CD and promotional materials, were all I did with photos. The next change after that was when I met a singer who also wanted to do some modeling and she asked me to start a site for her, she chose a fake name to keep anonymity, Jayli. I did modelling sites for her and other models for around seven years. 

Pain - the sites had to be, what at the time I assumed would be, put on hold, when I started developing ever increasingly bad headaches. They never went away. I was able to do less and less until I decided to call a halt to the sites I ran. I still suffer from them now, but have been encouraged to try and get out more and doing photography, both wildlife and people whenever I can manage to do them. 

Names - My real name is Phil Young. My address and other personal details have to be kept to a need to know basis and only people I am about to work with have access to these. Unfortunately when I ran the sites, I found people can be abusive, rude and in one case even stalked one of the models I worked with because they trusted someone and gave out personal information to a fan. Obviously that can never happen again.

On my sites I used the name AJ. This stood for About Jayli which is the email I used for that site.

You may wish to visit my original model folio at which was at but I haven't kept that active for years as the site became less and less relevant. 

I moved over to Purple Port, but not sure if I'll be keeping that active either, but link is here.

I did have an OMP page, but really have no idea what that was, I no longer even visit it.

The name I used on Net Model is Denver. This is because when I started the sites, and the ensuing problems with the stalker etc, I was reluctant to use my real name. I use the name Denver on NM, as it ties up to an email account I use solely for messages from that site. Why Denver I hear you ask? Well, when about 13, I wrote a short story about a character called Denver Colorado (yes really - Charles Dickens beware) anyway, that's where it comes from. I was meaning to change it to my real name but when I stopped using it, I thought why bother.

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